hurricane harvey hit la same time as katrina

Blasts rock storm-crippled Texas plant as Harvey flooding continues CROSBY, Tex. — The remnants of Hurricane Harvey carried its wrath up the Mississippi Delta on Thursday, but not before hammering the Gulf Coast with more punishing cloudbursts and growing threats that included blasts and “black smoke” at a crippled chemical plant and the collapse of the drinking water system in a Texas city. Houston saw its first signs of relief in the blue sky and slowly draining waters, but the storm’s fury was far from over to the east and beyondRead More

Drake invests in MatchaBar, Nyc’s first matcha specialty café

Champagne Papi? More like Matcha Papi. Drake has invested in the New York City-based café chain and bottled matcha retailer MatchaBar. “We feel Drake not only embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of our brand, but also our company’s ethos: ‘good things come to those who hustle,’ ” company co-founder Graham Fortgang said in a news release announcing the entertainer’s investment Wednesday. With enemies “tryna drain [him] of [his] energy,” the Canadian rapper may just be the ideal matcha consumer: a bottle of the coffee alternative, made from powdered green tea, contains the caffeine equivalent to aRead More

NYC Restaurants Ordered Closed This Week

NYC Restaurants Ordered Closed This Week NEW YORK, NY — Filth flies, roaches, mice and unwashed hands — restaurants across the city have dirty secrets they’d rather you didn’t know about. Fortunately for the diner’s health, New York City’s Health Department is looking. Every year, inspectors go unannounced into more than 24,000 restaurants in the city. Of them, the majority are fine, but some fall disgustingly short of the city’s cleanliness requirements. The most common violations, according to the city, are food stored at wrong temperatures, vermin, “plumbing” issues (theRead More

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Michael Strahan lost part of his finger

Michael Strahan didn’t show up to ‘Good Morning America’ because he lost part of his finger Michael Strahan pinky swears that he is okay after losing a bit of his finger. The “Good Morning America” host was noticeably absent from Tuesday morning’s show and returned Wednesday to share that he had “a little accident.” “Lost a little bit of my pinky,” the 45-year-old told co-hosts Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos. © Provided by New York Daily News Retired New York Giants football defensive end Michael Strahan lost “a bit” ofRead More

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