Drake invests in MatchaBar, Nyc’s first matcha specialty café

Champagne Papi? More like Matcha Papi. Drake has invested in the New York City-based café chain and bottled matcha retailer MatchaBar. “We feel Drake not only embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of our brand, but also our company’s ethos: ‘good things come to those who hustle,’ ” company co-founder Graham Fortgang said in a news release announcing the entertainer’s investment Wednesday. With enemies “tryna drain [him] of [his] energy,” the Canadian rapper may just be the ideal matcha consumer: a bottle of the coffee alternative, made from powdered green tea, contains the caffeine equivalent to aRead More

NYC nightlife is anything but dead

NYC nightlife is anything but dead credit Sunday at 4:17am in Chelsea It’s business as usual at Holy Mountain, queer-nightlife staple Ladyfag’s new, hookup-heavy monthly takeover Slake’s massive club—in other words, it’s totally, wonderfully fucking bonkers. Nostalgists be damned: Our fair city’s edge ain’t dulling anytime soon. Need proof? Over the course of just two weekends, Erez Avissar—who’s spent this decade snapping NYC’s ever-expanding underground for the likes of The New York Times, Pitchfork, Thump and Resident Advisor—hit the town to capture what it’s like to go out in NYC in 2017. TheRead More